AmeriZona Frequently Asked Questions

Window Treatment FAQs

Are vertical blinds the best solution for sliding glass doors?

Although there are other options, verticals remain the most popular choice.

Can I use a cell shade treatment on my arched windows?

Yes, we have both stationary and functional cell shades for arches.

Can I use a roller shade in conjunction with other window treatments?

Absolutely! Roll shades are an excellent layering product used together with other window treatment.

Why choose Hunter Douglas?

As the premier window treatment manufacturer in the United States, Hunter Douglas has several proprietary products that simply out perform the competition.

Window Tinting FAQs

How do I safely clean my tinted windows?

To clean your tinted windows, simply use a soft sponge to apply the water and squeegee off.

Do you have a window film that will allow people inside to look outside, but people outside can?

Yes, the film you are looking for is call.

Can AmeriZona create a custom design using decorative film for my home or office?

Yes, we can create designs ranging from geometrics to floral patterns.

Solar Screen FAQs

Will I still be able to look outside my windows with Halcyon shades?

Yes. Since Halcyons are made from window tint, they actually enhance the view outside by reducing glare!

What is the distinct advantage of Halcyon roll tint over typical window tint?

The real advantage is light control. With Halcyons you can raise and lower the tint to control light entering the room.